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Wild horses available for adoption

Saturday, May 23rd, 2009

News Story:

Wild horses were up  for adoption at the Marshfield, WI Fairgrounds park on Friday.   Horses are put up for adoption in order to prevent overpopulation in the wild.   The Bureau of Land Management currently has about 30,000 horses corralled for adoption with another 30,000 still in the wild.  The land can support about 27,000 horses in the wild.  Those interested in adoption must complete a 2 page application showing that they understand horse care and that they have a facility adequate for housing a wild animal.  Those who adopt must care for the animal for one full year before they receive the title for the horse, at which point they are free to sell the animal.  There are about 30 adoption events per year held by the bureau throughout the US.  Adoptions have been down significantly for the last couple of years.


This would be a great cause for those able to break a wild horse and with adequate facilities to care for the wild horses to help out with.