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Pentagon reform bill likely to be passed by the House

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

News Story:

The US House of Representatives is expected to pass a bill to eliminate massive amounts of waste in the weapons programs at the Pentagon.  The White House is supportive of this bill.   Cost overruns and delivery delays being eliminated could save nearly $300 billion.  The hope is to “inject greater efficiency into the weapons acquisition system and truly ensure that we get the most bang for our taxpayer buck.”


This is a great start.  There is waste and a need for more efficiency in ALL of the US Government programs, not just weapons.   The Pork needs to be cut out.  We should be getting to keep our tax dollars, not sending it all to Washington so our government can squander it.  Although these cuts are only going to offset a tiny fraction of Obama’s federal bailout programs….if only we had cut the pork earlier….