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Dirty pools and dead lawns=jail time?

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

News Story:

The town of Indio, California recently passed legislation making it a crime to neglect homes that are in the foreclosure process.  This town currently has one in ten homes that are in default or in foreclosure.  The hope is to keep banks who are responsible for the foreclosed homes from allowing them to fall into disrepair, or become an eyesore in a community where home values have already declined severely.

Things like algae infested swimming pools, dead lawns, tall weeds, broken windows and fallen trees are now being monitored by uniformed officers who issue citations with fines to the owners of these foreclosed homes that are being neglected.


It’s a shame that this type of thing is necessary, as it is in the best interest of the banks holding these propertys to keep them well maintained so that they are attractive to buyers, and the bank can sell them.  This is also another thing that requires public funding, so that officers can patrol for infractions, and then the fines must be issued…etc.