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California lawmakers pass bills on animal welfare

Monday, June 1st, 2009

News Story:

California legistators have passed 2 new bills that deal with animal welfare especially that concerned with livestock.  These bills came about as a result of California Prop 13 which achieved landslide support from the voters of the state last November.  Prop 13 was an initiative on the treatment of farm animals.   These new bills will outlaw the practice of docking the tails of dairy cows, will crack down on caged egg-laying hens, the feedlot practice of feeding antibiotics to animals that aren’t sick, and would also crack down on puppy mills and increase penalties for poaching wildlife.


It’s great that the state of California is able to get such action on an issue, and this is an important issue.  How about improving the quality of education in California, minimizing traffic and tackling other issues that affect the day-to-day existence of California residents as well??  Oh, wait, they have no budget because they squander it all giving it away to every small special interest group instead of meeting the needs of the larger part of the state’s population….