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Online Job

Monday, June 1st, 2009

When looking for employment, one should always consider the ability to make money online. When looking for jobs online, you must make sure that the job you are looking for is an actual job and just another scam.  There are many ways in which people are currently making incomes online.  Blogs have become one popular area where people have been making money.  Just by putting down your daily thoughts that people would like to read can lead to a substantial income.  There are a couple different strategies that bloggers can use to generate income including pay per post and pay per click advertising.   Another way to earn income from online activities is to take online surveys.  Many companies are looking for your opinion and are willing to pay for it.  Companies are looking for a variety of opinions on such things as products, current events and buying habits. Final word of advice; be careful when evaluating online jobs, there are many good opportunities out there, but just like in life, there are also many scams.

Online horse betting legislation before Illinois governer

Saturday, May 30th, 2009

News Story:

A bill to allow Illinois residents to place horse race bets online is awaiting approval of Illinois governer Quinn.  The plan is said to potentially generate $1.5 million in revenue and could help the state’s ailing horse racing industry by boosting interest and wagering on the sport.  The proposal would allow race tracks to partner with online gaming sites.

Detractors are concerned that the move could increase gambling addiction.


I think this would be a good move for Illinois.  This is a simple way to boost revenue in a tough economy.

Rachel Alexandra not to run in Belmont Stakes

Friday, May 29th, 2009

News Story:

The owners of the well known filly, Rachel Alexandra, Preakness winner, have decided not to enter her at the Belmont Stakes.  They cite her runs, and wins, in 4 graded stakes races since March 14th.  They are giving her a “well deserved vacation.”  This will allow Borel, who rode Rachel Alexandra to her win at the Preakness, and also Mine that Bird to his win at the Kentucky Derby, will return to ride Mine that Bird in the Belmont Stakes for his attempt at a personal triple crown win.


It’s very refreshing to see owners of a fantastic horse put the needs and well being of the horse before the possibility of a large finacial gain from a potential win at another race.

66 year old pregnant British woman

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

News Story:

Elizabeth Adeny, a 66 year old British woman, is expecting a child which she conceived using IVF.  She is a divorcee, and will be the oldest woman to deliver a child in British history.  The world record is held by an Indian woman who delivered twins at age 70 last year.


These artificially conceived pregnancies, after the mother has gone through menopause, strike me as extremely selfish.  These mothers will be lucky to survive to see their children reach adulthood.

Efforts to Reduce the Horse Population

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

With the current economy pinching most horse enthusiasts, there are more horses than people want or can take care of. With groups such as Stallion to Gelding Support offering assistance with horse castration, help is available to avoid the needless suffering that horse overpopulation can cause. In addition to this option many state horse councils are offering education assistance as well as castration assistance. It is vital to control the horse population to keep the population to a manageable level. Please visit the sites of your local horse council as well as the Stallion to Gelding Support and the Unwanted Horse Coalition website for more information. Thank you for helping control the horse population and preventing needless suffering.

8th Horse is Euthanized In Fort Worth Area Stable Fire

Monday, May 25th, 2009

As previously written about on this blog, there was a stable fire at a Fort Worth facility.  The 8th horse that survived the fire was put down.   This horse had suffered burns over 20-30% of its body.  The 4 year old mare was euthanized on Satuday, May 23rd.  Our condolances to the owners of all the horses that were lost in this fire.

Wild horses available for adoption

Saturday, May 23rd, 2009

News Story:

Wild horses were up  for adoption at the Marshfield, WI Fairgrounds park on Friday.   Horses are put up for adoption in order to prevent overpopulation in the wild.   The Bureau of Land Management currently has about 30,000 horses corralled for adoption with another 30,000 still in the wild.  The land can support about 27,000 horses in the wild.  Those interested in adoption must complete a 2 page application showing that they understand horse care and that they have a facility adequate for housing a wild animal.  Those who adopt must care for the animal for one full year before they receive the title for the horse, at which point they are free to sell the animal.  There are about 30 adoption events per year held by the bureau throughout the US.  Adoptions have been down significantly for the last couple of years.


This would be a great cause for those able to break a wild horse and with adequate facilities to care for the wild horses to help out with.

Horse Events In Jeopardy As Government Budgets Tighten

Friday, May 22nd, 2009

With many state and local governments encountering a budget deficit, many horse and other farm related events are being scaled back or cancled all together.  The Detriot free press is reporting that due to budget issues, that the Michigan horse racing commission has reduced staff and will not be able to support as many horse races as in previous years.  I was speaking with a company that provides a traveling petting zoo that attends state and county fairs.  They have had 8 events cancel so far this year and are expecting additional cancellations as time wears on.  Hopefully we will start to come out of this recession and horse enthusiasts can get back to business as usual.

Racehorse euthanized after collision with statue

Thursday, May 21st, 2009

News Story:

A racehorse broke free from its lead pony, unseated its jockey, and raced straight into a bronze statue of  Secretariat at the Belmont Park paddock today.  City-on-Line was a 4 year old chestnut  colt.  The base of the statue was broken, but the statue itself was intact.  The jockey was also unharmed.  The colt was euthanized due to a fractured femur of the left hind leg.


Such an unfortunate accident.

Nebraska Rancher Faces Charges

Thursday, May 21st, 2009

A Nebraska rancher faces over 100 counts of animal cruelty for starving over 200 horses and donkeys. Jason Meduna of Morrill County is charged with these crimes. In addition over 74 horse and donkey deaths have been documented by the local sheriff. This is a sad case, but we are seeing more and more of this as the economy worsens. Unfortunately many people are having to make the choice of feeding themselves and their families or feeding their animals. The exact details of this case are unknown, but we can only hope this is not a case of willful neglect of animals. Hopefully all these malnourished animals will recover.